I’m a Product Operations Manager at Google Inc in San Francisco, CA.

Análise de Letras (2007 – ): Análise de Letras de Músicas is an online knowledge project that breaks down information added by anyone in the world. It’s a crowdsourced archive and tool for interpreting Brazilian song lyrics that aims to encourage people to engage with song lyrics. In pt-BR.
Corinthians Stats (2017 – ) In pt-BR.
Ocorrências em São Paulo (2009 – ) Platform result of my final undergraduate project at University of São Paulo. “Ocorrências em Sao Paulo” provides instructive access to the database of police occurrences in São Paulo (Brazil) as well as journalistic reports analyzing that data.
Free Languages Online (2017 – )
Museum Buddies (2015 – ) 2.0 website to gather thoughts about work of art. In English.
Análise de Letras de Música – The app of the project Análise de Letras de Música.
Impression Share Calculator – Calculate your impression potential as well as the budget potential in your Google AdWords account.
Call Ranking – Rank the contacts based on number of calls.
Sizes –
Keep In Touch
Complicitat (, 2013-2015): Complicitat is a simple innovative way to connect citizens that live in the same neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil. The goal is to strengthen communication between citizens and between city government and citizens, organize the information available in official websites and help improve the city through community organized initiatives.

  • Finalist on 2012 Premio Mario Covas (São Paulo State Government)
  • Semifinalist on the 2012 challenge ‘How to innovate on São Paulo’s Government Services’
Capuccine (, 2010-2011)
Joomla Loompas! (, 2009) CMSs are the best way to play on internet development without using a single line of code – and Joomla is one of the best of them. In pt-BR.
Twittusp (, 2009-2013) mashup with latests discussions on the twitter of my colleagues of University.