Exemplos de atributos da API do BOSS

Listed below all the attributes possibilities for filters on BOSS API:

The main part of the url:
– http://boss.yahooapis.com/ysearch/web/v1/QUERY

– &format=xml
– &count=1
– &appid=APIID
– &view=
– &lang=
– &region=

Example of the full url


With these information you can easily build applications and mash ups with Yahoo! Pipes.

Using BOSS and Pipes to get instant results for a query

You can easily build a widget with the first 3 results for a query using pipes and an api from yahoo! boss. first of all get your license key on boss webpage and then customize your search result adding some parameters on your url. Heres the API Guide to set your results the way you want it.

When you get the url from BOSS Guide you throw in pipes like this:
Modules used:
-URL Builder
-Fetch data

obs.: on the Path to item list you have to show the module how to get to the results on the xml file. So write the path and in between the folders a dot (.).